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We offer a range of comprehensive solutions to meet your unique manufacturing needs. In addition to standard construction services as well as shutdown and emergency work, we are ready to support you with craftsmen from a variety of trades on short- and long-term bases. This includes welders, carpenters, experienced supervisors, operators, pipe fitters, mechanics and general labor, along with other specialty trades. Empowered by an experienced team, an impeccable safety record and the highest quality products, we will not just meet your expectations; we will exceed them.
· Steel plants
· Metal plants
· Auto Manufacturing
· Paint Manufacturing
· Building Materials
· Wax
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Sonnikson provides services to a wide range of clients and industries. For more information please call our office at 925.229.4028 or reach out through our contact form.
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We look forward to supporting your current and future construction projects and service needs.
– Paul Sonnikson
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