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The world is changing fast, and the energy that powers it is changing even faster. We’re here to support your business with the same Sonnikson standard of service, safety and quality you have always been able to count on, with new and innovative solutions in alternative energy as your needs adapt and change. Whether you’re transitioning to alternative fuels or already leading the sector, we’re a steadfast partner you can rely on.
Charging Stations
Keeping pace with Mandates
New local and federal mandates call for improved infrastructure to transition to electric vehicles, and we are paving the way for businesses to transition smoothly with the installation of EV charging stations.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations
Maintaining a Staple Energy Alternative
Keeping you moving with the installation, upgrades and modification of CNG fueling stations for private transportation, public transit and other vehicles.
From Additions to Ongoing Maintenance
Increase biodiesel storage with the addition, modification and installation of high-quality tanks, piping and equipment, supported by our extensive experience along with an understanding of heat tracing requirements.
Energy Storage
charging forward
As organizations transition to electric vehicles, energy storage is a necessary counterpart. We’re ready to assist with the installation of these facilities.
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